Condon Collection

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Honoring German Shepherd Dogs and Their History

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected to be the recipient of the prestigious German Shepherd and Movie Memorabilia Collection of the late Dan Condon of Middleton, Massachusetts.

Dan, a self proclaimed "Doctor of Dogology" spent decades collecting German Shepherd memorabilia and putting together what is considered to the most complete listing of movies starring German Shepherd Dogs that exists.

Dan passed away July 15, 2014 but his widow, Judie wanted his memory to remain in the hearts of collectors everywhere and generously donated the collection to the Museum of Dogs to be displayed to the public. According to his listings, more than 80 German Shepherd Dogs starred in film 1921-2010.

Dan's collection of memorabilia includes more than 150 Lobby Cards, Ceramic and Bronze statues, books, Framed Art, Posters, films, magazine and more.
These photos of the Condon collection were taken as it was being unpacked by Joanne Bradley in Georgia in January 2018. The collection was to be publically displayed but unfortunately a location in Georgia could not be secured. We are please that in early 2019 a location was secured in Michigan near the WW Kellogg Foundation. Lee Duncan and Mr. Kellogg were friends, business associates and exchanged dogs and horses on several occassions. We look forward to seeing the collection on display, as was promised to Dan''s widow Judie, in Michigan.Please bear with us as we get the sizes of the photos adjusted.


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