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This information was originally compiled by the late Dan Condon of Middleton, Massachusetts. Danny was an avid collector of Movie Dog memorabilia and had what was widely considered to be one of the most comprehensive collection of movies and memorabilia of anyone. He began collecting movie memorabilia long before the Internet was such a helpful tool in locating rare finds. He amassed the collection the hard way, with letters and telephone calls and interaction with collectors all over the world. He also enjoyed antique cars and was a member of the Sanford-Springvale (Maine) Historical Society. He was widely known as a "Doctor of Dogology" who secured his degree from the amount of time he spent on researching the litany of German Shepherd Dogs who starred in the Movies. He donated a particularly rare old film to the Smithsonian Institute where it was archived. He also gave one of his rare finds to the Library of Congress so the historical value of the film could be preserved. He was a very witty man with a unique sense of humor. Danny passed away on July 15,2014. He is survived by his loving wife Judie. Danny's widow, Judie, generously donated his collection to The Museum of Dogs to secure a public home for the collection so the world can enjoy the work of Dr. Dan Condon, phd in Dogology.

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In the beginning there was Strongheart (Etzel von Oeringer) 1917-1929. Animal trainer Larry Trimble and his screenwriter wife Jane Murfin had the idea to introduce a Dog Star in a feature film. This German Shepherd Dogs name was Strongheart and the movie title is "The Silent Call" (1921). Other movies included "Brawn of the North" (1922) - "The Love Master" (1924) - "White Fang" (1925) "North Star" (1925) and "The Return of Boston Blackie" (1927). To the best of my knowledge "The Return of Boston Blackie" is the only Strongheart movie that still exists today. Update: A Copy of Stronghearts "The Love Master" is held in the Archives du Film du CNC in Paris.


The next to hit the silver screen was probably the most famous German Shepherd Dog of them all. Rin-Tin-Tin (1918-1932). While serving in the 136th Aero Division, Corporal Lee Duncan rescued Rin-Tin-Tin from an abandoned German War Dog station in Paris France in September of 1918. He introduced Rinty to the movies who starred in nearly two dozen Silent Films.
His first major feature film was with Warner Brothers - "Where the North Begins" in 1923.
Here is a list of his movies.
"The Man from Hell's River" (1922) - "My Dad" (1922) - "Where the North Begins" (1923)
"Shadows of the North" (1923) - "Hello Frisco" (1924) (a 10 minute short) - "Find your Man" (1924)
"The Lighthouse by the Sea" (1925) - "Clash of the Wolves" (1925) - "Tracked in the Snow Country" (1925)
"Below the Line" (1925) - " The Night Cry" (1926) - " A Hero of the Big Snow" (1926)
"While London Sleeps" (1926) - "Hills of Kentucky" (1927) - "Jaws of Steel" (1927)
"Tracked by the Police" (1927) - "A Dog of the Regiment" (1927) - "A Race for Life" (1928)
"Rinty of the Desert" (1928) - "Land of the Silver Fox" (1928) - " The Famous Warner Brothers Dog Star" (1928) (a short)
"The Million Dollar Collar" (1929) - "Frozen River" (1929) and seven Barkies. "The Show of Shows" (1929)
" Tiger Rose" (1929) - "The Man Hunter" (1930) - "On the Border" (1930) - "Rough Waters" (1930)
"The Lone Defender" (1930) - "The Lightning Warrior" (1931)

"Rin-Tin-Tin" died August 10, 1932 at the age of 13, a little more than a month shy of his 14th birthday. He was laid to rest in a Bronze Casket at Mr. Duncans home in Riverside California under a beautiful rose bush, with the toys he played with. (Left Photos) Rinty's remains were later moved to "The Cimetie're des Chiens" in Paris France.
His stone is made from beautiful Black Marble and originally had a Statue of Rin-Tin-Tin on top which was stolen several years ago. The cemetery is said to be having financial difficulties because there are very few visitors and few Parisians bury their pets there anymore. One day they may close their gates and Rin-Tin-Tin will be lost forever. (Right Photo)

"Rin-Tin-Tin, Jr." with Jackie Cooper "Tough Guy"(1936) (Left)
A promotional photo from "Tough Guy" (right)
Note the difference in the German Shepherd Dogs in the two photos. It is said that "Flash" was originally cast for the movie but was replaced with "Rin-Tin-Tin, Jr." at the last minute. "Flash" is featured further down on this page.

"Rin-Tin-Tin, Jr."

After the death of Rin-Tin-Tin in 1932, Lee Duncan introduced another of his German Shepherd Dogs to the Silver Screen. Rin-Tin-Tin, Jr. He starred in many movies through the 1930's.
"Pride of the Legion" (1932) "The Wolf Dog" (1933)
"Law of the Wild" (1934)
"The Test" (1935)
"Skull and Crown" (1935)
"Caryl of the Mountains" (1936)
"The Adventures of Rex and Rinty" (1935)
"Vengeance of Rannah" (1936)
"Tough Guy " (1936)
"The Silver Trail" (1937)
"Fangs of the Wild" (1938)
"Death Goes North" (1939)
"Law of the Wolf" (1941)

During the 1920s and 1930s other German Shepherd Dogs took a shot in the movies. The following are names of some of the dogs and movies they starred in.



"The Return of Grey Wolf" (1922)


"Wolfheart" in "Fangs of Wolfheart" (1925)

"The Wonder Dog"
"The Big Stunt" (1925) - "Wolfheart's Revenge" (1925) - "Courage of Wolfheart" (1925) - "Fangs of Wolfheart" (1925)


"Brawn" (Son of Strongheart)

"Flapper Wives" (1924)



"Baited Trap" (1926) - "West of the Law" (1926) - "Sheriff's Girl (1926) "The Range Riders" (1927) - "Riders of the West" (1927)



"Flaming Fury" (1926) - "Flashing Fangs" (1926) - "Ranger of the North" (1927) - "Swift Shadow" (1927) "When a Dog Loves" (1927) - "Outlaw Dog" (1927) - "Breed of Courage" (1927) - "A Flame in the Sky" (1927) "The Law of Fear" (1928) - "Fangs of the Wild" (1928) - "Dog Law" (1928) - "Dog Justice" (1928) "Tracked" (1928) - "When Dreams Come True" (1929) - "The One Man Dog" (1929) - "Fury of the Wild" (1929)

"Rum Runners" (1926)

Billed as "The Great Police Dog" - "The Great Police Dog Detective" "The Peer of all Dog Actors" and "The Greatest of all Dog Actors" "Fearless" starred in a series of 13 of short films from August to October in 1926, 2 reels each produced by VAN PELT PRODUCTIONS, distributed by Chesterfield Films and all them directed by Ernest Van Pelt. The star was billed as "Fearless, the Dog Detective" and the titles of the shorts were: (There is some question to if there were 12 or 13 titles. We are looking into this now.) Also, there is a rumor that says Fearless had a female pal named "Trixie" "The Silent Trailer" "Dog Scents" - "A String of Diamonds" - "A Dumb Romeo" - "Rum Runners" "Almost Human" - "His Pal" - "The Thief of Thieves" - "Fangs of Vengeance" "The Wolf" - "The Love Fighter" - "Dog of Dogs" - "Detective K9" "Thanks to Fabian Cepeda and Chris Snowden for the above information on "Fearless"


"The Police Dog" "Honor" (192?) - "Claws" (192?) - "Fangs" (192?) - "Rage" (192?) - "Speed" (1924) "Instinct" (192?) - "Vengeance" (192?) - "Lure of the Wild" (1925) - "Blitz" (1926)


"Silver Streak"

"King of the Dog Stars" "Fangs of Justice" (1926) - "The Silent Flyer" (1926) - "Where Trails Begin" (1927) "Cross Breed" (1927) - "Code of the Air" (1928)


Napoleon poses between scenes of "The Thirteenth Hour" (1927)

"Peacock Alley" (1922) - "The Silent Hero" (1927) - "The Thirteenth Hour" (1927) - "The Danger Patrol" (1928)

(Right)A scene from "The Danger Zone" (1928)


"The Sky Rider" (1927) - "The Silent Sentinel" (1929)


"Peter the Great" with Eleanor Boardman in "The Silent Accuser" (1924)
"Peter the Great"

"Peter" was another German Shepherd Dog who might have been as famous as "Rin-Tin-Tin" or "Strongheart" if it wasn't for a tragedy. Peter was brought from Germany in the early 1920's by his friend and master Edward Faust. He did some small scenes in several films and was so well trained and so daring that he was called upon to perform stunts for Thunder and Strongheart. He was finally given a leading role in the movie, "The Silent Accuser" (1924). Peter was having great success in his movie career but tragedy was soon to happen. The following is an account of what happened to Peter the Great from the book (Peter) written by Clara Foglesong in 1946. On June 6, 1926, Peter, Edward and a couple of friends were driving to a dinner party. On the way Edward decided to stop by a friends house. (Fred Cyriacks) A friend who had played with Peter and whom Peter loved. Edward went to the door and rung the bell. His friend answered. Suddenly loud words from Edward and his friend filled the air. Edwards friend turned, ran into the house and returned with a rifle. Edward ran to the car and started to drive away. Suddenly a shot rang out cutting through the back of the car. Another shot, this one straight in line with Edwards head. Peter knew that something was wrong and jumped toward Edward. He was struck in the neck. Peter was rushed to the hospital where for 3 days and 2 nights specialists tried to save him. Peter died with his paws in the hands of Edward. On December 9, 1927 the Los Angeles Superior Court awarded the owners of Peter The Great, $125,000.00, to be paid by Cyriacks for killing the famous German Shepherd Dog. To the best of my knowledge, these are the only films which Peter played the leading role. I don't believe only one (1) is in existence today. "Little Red Riding Hood" (1922) "The Silent Accuser" (1924) - "Wild Justice" (1925) - "Sign of the Claw" (1926) - "King of the Pack" (1926) "Thanks to Kathy Wittwer for the book "Peter" with this information."

(Right) A scene from the movie "Wild Justice" (1925)



"The Call of the Wilderness" (1926) - "Code of the Northwest" (1926) - "Avenging Fangs" (1927)



"The Wonder Police Dog" "Wolf's Trail" (1927) - "Fangs of Destiny" (1927) - "The Hound of Silver Creek" (1928) "The Call of the Heart" (1928) - "The Four Footed Ranger" (1928)


"Thunder" in "Wings of the Storm" (1926)

"The Dog Marvel" "Black Lightning" (1924) - "The Silent Pal" (1925) - "His Masters Voice" (1925) "The Phantom of the Forest" (1926) - "Wings of the Storm" (1926) "The Silent Avenger" (1927) - "Wolf Fangs" (1927)


"White Fawn"

Billed as "The Screens only White Police Dog" and co-starred with "Thunder" in "His Masters Voice" (1925) - "The Phantom of the Forest" (1926) - "Wolf Fangs" (1927)



"Rex" starred with actor Art Acord in over a dozen movies during the 1920's Acord himself starred in over One Hundred movies in his career. Nearly all are thought to be lost. "The Oregon Trail" (1925) - "Three in Exile" (1925) - "The Circus Cyclone" (1925) - "The Wild Girl" (1925) - "The Silent Guardian" (1925) "Pals" (1925) - "The Call of Courage" (1925) - "Sky High Corral" (1926) - "Rustlers Ranch" (1926) - "The Scrappin' Kid" (1926) "The Terror" (1926) - "West of Rainbows End" (1926) - "The Man from the West" (1926) - "Hi-Jacking Rustlers" (1926) - "Set Free" (1927) "The Western Rover" (1927) - "The Two Outlaws" (1928) - "Bullets and Justice" (1929) - "The Arizona Kid" (1929) aka Persued


"The Man Who Laughs" (1928)


"Lightnin Girl"

"Call of the Klondike" (1926) "A Special Thanks to Jack Hardy of Grapevine Video for this new addition to my Video collection. He recently found this film in his archives of great old movies."



"The Yellow Cameo" (1928) - 10 chapter serial
"Little Wild Girl" (1929) Cast and Review Lila Lee (Marie Cleste), Cullen Landis (Jules Barbier), Frank Merrill (Tavish McBride), Sheldon Lewis (Wanakee), Boris Karloff (Maurice Kent), Jimmy Aubrey (Posty McKnuffle), Bud Shaw (Oliver Hampton), Arthur Hotaling (Duncan Cleste), Cyclone (Momo, the Dog). Lee is discovered in the North Woods by a playwright and a song writer, both of whom fall madly in love with her. They take her back to New York when it is believed her father and fiancé were killed in a forest fire (actually her lover survived but is crippled). Soon Lee becomes a big Broadway star, but hastily returns home when she is wrongly implicated in a murder. The townsfolk receiver her coolly, but Lee could care less after she is reunited with her fiancé, who luckily inherited a fortune and regained the use of his legs.


"The Laws Lash" (1928) - "Marlie the Killer" (1928) - "Fangs of Fate" (1928) - "The Avenging Shadow" (1928)


Harry Piel and "Grief" in"Sein Bester Freund" - German (1929)


"Your Best Friend" (1929)


"Flash at Home"


"Shadows of the Night" (1928) - "Under the Black Eagle" (1928) - "Honeymoon" (1929) "Flaming Signal" (1933) - "Death Fangs" - "Crack-Up" (1934) - "Wild Waters" (1935) "Timberesque" (1935) - "Call the Mesquiteers" (1938) The above photo of "Flash" is from the personal collection of William Frederick Steuer. He was the Owner/Trainer of "Flash" and Flash's son "Friday" who also starred in movies in the early 1940's. "Thanks to Dawn Brown a Great Grand Daughter to Mr. Steuer for this photograph."


Billed as "The Emperor of all Dogs" "Untamed Justice" (1929) - "Phantoms of the North" (1929) - "Sign of the Wolf" (1931) Serial "The Lone Trail" (1936) a feature film cut from the 1931 Ten Chapter Serial, "Sign of the Wolf"



"Trailing the Killer" (1932)



Billed as "The Dog Marvel" and "The Wonder Dog" "Jaws of Justice" (1933) - "Ferocious Pal" (1934) - "Fighting Fury" (1938)



"Timber Terrors" (1934) - "Courage of the North" (1935)


"Captain" and "Lady"

"Fighting to Live" (1934)



( Grandson of Strongheart ) Billed as "The Wonder Dog" and "The Marvel Dog" "When Lightening Strikes" (1934) - "Mans Best Friend" (1935) - "Wings in the Dark" (1935) "A Dog of Flanders" (1935) - "White Fang" (1936) - "Two in Revolt" (1936) "Renfrew of the Royal Mounted" (1937) - "Thorobreds All" (193?)


"Inside Information" (1934) - "Million Dollar Haul" (1935) - "Captured in Chinatown" (1935)



"The Marvel Dog" "Thunderbolt" (1935) - "Guard That Girl" (1935)


"Wolfang" in a scene from "The Silent Code" (1935)


"The Silent Code" (1935)



"Trail of the Hawk" (1935) - "Paradise Valley" (1936)



"Desert Justice" (1936) - "Gun Grit" (1936)


"Silver Wolf"

"The Rogues Tavern" (1936) - "Killer Dog" (1936) - "Children of the Wild" (1937) - "Radio Patrol" (1937)



"The Adventures of the Masked Phantom" (1938)


Caption reads: "A famous Grandson, Rin-Tin-Tin III, assists his master, Lee Duncan, to try to carry out an extensive dog training course at Camp Hann. Mr. Duncan was the Owner and Trainer of the celebrated dog movie actor (Rin-Tin-Tin) of a decade ago." Thanks to Anita Bishop for sharing this picture and article.

In the late 1930's and into the 1940's more German Shepherd Dogs entered the movies. There was Ace - Captain Boots - Smokey - Shadow - Friday - Flame and after nearly a decade Mr. Lee Duncan brought yet another of his German Shepherd Dogs to the screen, Rin-Tin-Tin III

"Ace" -- "The Wonder Dog"

Ace was probably the most well know German Shepherd Dog stars of the 1940's. I believe he first appeared in a movie titled "Orphans of the Street" (1938). He also starred in several others including at least one serial. The following is a list of his movie titles I have gathered for him.

"Orphans of the Street" (1938) - "Heart of the North" (1938) - "Blind Alibi" (1938) - "Rookie Cop" (1939) "Almost a Gentleman" (1939) - "Girl from Gods Country" (1940) - "Girl from Alaska" (1942) "Nyoka and the Tigermen" (1942) (aka - The Perils of Nyoka) 15 chapter serial "War Dogs" (1942) (aka - Unsung Heroes) - "Jack London" (1943) - "Silent Witness" (1943) "The Phantom" (1943) 15 chapter serial - "The Monster Maker" (1944) - "Adventures of Rusty" (1945) "Danny Boy" (1946) - "Gods Country" (1946) "Thanks to Jan Willis for the help with the information on "Ace."

"Silver King"

"Renfrew On the Great White Trail" (1938) - "Rusty Rides Alone" (1933)



"Hittin The Trail" (1937)



"Escape by Night" (1937)



"Heart of the North" (1938)


"Grey Shadow"

"Wolf Call" (1939) - "Sign of the Wolf" (1941) - "Wild Geese Calling" (1941) - "My Pal, Wolf" (1944)


"Captain Boots"

"Silver Stallion" (1941)



"Death Valley Outlaws" - (1941)


"Gray Shadow"

"Desert Escape" (1940) - "Saboteur" (1942)


"Smokey" and "Shadow"
"Sign of the Wolf" (1941)


"Friday" in a scene from "Eyes in the Night" (1942)

( Son of the Silent Star Flash ) "Eyes in the Night" (1942) - "The Hidden Eye" (1945)


"Flame" in "You Never Can Tell" (1951)

"My Dog Shep" (1946) - "The Return of Rusty" (1946) - "Son of Rusty" (1947) - "For the Love of Rusty" (1947) - "Out of the Blue" (1947) "Rusty Leads the Way" (1948) - "Northwest Stampede" (1948) - "Night Wind" (1948) - "My Dog Rusty" (1948) "Miraculous Journey" (1948) - "Rusty's Birthday" (1949) - "Rusty Saves a Life" (1949) "Shep Comes Home" (1949) - "You Never Can Tell" (1951) (aka - One Never Knows) I believe Flame also starred in a series of Pal movies featuring the adventures of Flame: "Dog of the Wild" - "Pal's Gallant Journey" - "I Found a Dog" "Pal's Return" - "Pal, Fugitive Dog" - "Pal, Canine Detective"

"Flame" was another German Shepherd Dog that made numerous films in the 1940's and into the 50's. He was quite talented and drew lots of people to the movie theaters. I believe he took over for the aging "Ace."

"Mike and Pearl"
"Sergeant Mike" (1945)


"The Enchanted Forest" (1945)


"Rin-Tin-Tin, III" with Claudia Drake"The Return of Rin-Tin-Tin" (1947)

"Rin-Tin-Tin III"
According to a variety of articles, during the war years of the 1940s, Mr. Duncan spent most of his time training dogs for the Military. In 1947 he introduced Rin-Tin-Tin, III in a movie titled "The Return of Rin-Tin-Tin". This movies was also released as "The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin" and co-starred a young Robert Blake, Claudia Drake and Donald Woods. I know of no other films starring Rin-Tin-Tin, III.


"Daughter of Darkness" (1948)



"The Wonder Dog" "Kazan" (1949) - "Timber Fury" (1950)


Photo of the dog named JR (son of Flame) who was a sometime stand-in for Rin-Tin-Tin IV in the TV series "The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin"

"Rin-Tin-Tin IV"
On October 15, 1954 "The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin" made it's debut to Friday Night Television. The show was set in the Old West and featured a heroic German Shepherd Dog, "Rin-Tin-Tin" with a small boy as his companion, "Rusty". The boy had been orphaned in an Indian raid after which he and his dog "Rinty" were adopted by the Calvary soldiers of Fort Apache. Rinty and Rusty were made honorary soldiers and helped keep Law and Order on the Old Frontier. The series ran until August 28, 1959. Three German Shepherd Dogs filled the roll in this TV series. These were the last of Mr. Lee Duncans "Rin-Tin-Tin" dogs which were ever to hit the screen again. On Tuesday, September 20, 1960, Mr. Duncan died at his ranch in Riverside CA. He has left many exciting and happy memories with people of at least four generations. To the best of my knowledge, there were only two movies starring "Rin-Tin-Tin. IV" that were made for the theater. "Rin-Tin-Tin - Hero of the West" (1954) and "The Courage of Rin-Tin-Tin" (1954). Both were take-offs from the TV series. "The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin" - A six Video set featuring 12 episodes from the 1950's TV series.



"The Wonder Dog" "Trail of the Yukon" (1949) - "The Wolf Hunters" (1949) - "Yukon Manhunt" (1950) "Call of the Klondike" (1950) - "Snow Dog" (1950) - "Yukon Gold" (1952) "Northwest Territory" (1952) - "Northern Patrol" (1953) - "Fangs of the Arctic" (1953) "Yukon Vengeance" (1954) "Chinook" also played in the Walt Disney TV Series, "Corky and White Shadow"


- "The Wonder Dog"
"Fangs of the Wild" (1954)


"Police Dog" (1955)



"Kelly and Me" (1957)



"Wolf Dog" (1958)



"Monster on the Campus" (1958)


"Rex the Wonder Dog"
Rex was owned by well-known German Shepherd Breeder Joe Bihari.

"Superman" (1958)


"The Littlest Hobo" (1958) - "My Dog Buddy" (1960)


"Village of the Damned" (1960)


"A Dog's Best Friend" (1960)


"One Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (1960)


A scene from "The Police Dog Story"

"The Police Dog Story" (1961)


A scene from "The Pack"

Photos courtesy Kristi Jacobs Name of Dog Unknown
Starring Joe Don Baker (1977)


A scene from "K-911"

Photos courtesy Kristi Jacobs "Mac" As Jerry Lee
Starring Jim Belushi (1999)


"New Arrivals" - Movies starring

"Smoke" (1970) "The Deserter" (1971)

"Night of the Living Dead" (1968) with "(?)"

"Getting Away with Murder" (1995) with "Nikki"

"Amos and Andrew" (1993) with "Rambo & Amigo"

"Atomic Dog" (1998) with "(?)"

"Call of the Wild" (1993) with "Buck"

Some Lobby Cards and Posters


"White Dog" (1982) starring "Hans, Folsom, Son, Buster and Duke"


"The Young and the Brave" (1963) "Flame", William Bendix and Rory Calhoun


"Legend of the Northwest" ( 1978) starring "Bearheart"


"White Fang" (1936) starring "Lightning"


"White Fang to the Rescue" (1974) starring "Saccha"


"Vengeance is Mine" (1976) starring "Peter and Paul"


"Love Leads the Way" (1984) starring "Pilot" "This film is about the True Life Story of Morris Frank and the First Seeing Eye Dog named Buddy"


"White Fang and the Hunter" (1985) starring "Habbash"


"We Think the World of You" (1988) starring "Betsy"


"The Roy Rogers Show" (1952) starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and "Bullet"


"Dene" The Canine Wonder England's Rin Tin Tin Its written that Dene holds the Worlds Record for the Long Jump


"Rex" Santo v Haus Zieglmayer star of Australias TV program "Inspector Rex" (died 2005) PEDIGREE
"Thanks to Barb Lewis for the information"


Vintage Lobby Cards and Posters


"The Silent Call" starring "Strongheart" (1921)


"Baree, Son of Kazan" (1925)


"The Silent Pal" starring "Thunder" (1925)


"Vengeance" starring "Lightnin" (192?) From the collection of Kathy Wittwer


"The Mountain Eagle" (1926) A early Hitchcock movie in Germany. The German Shepherd Dogs name is unknown and the film is Lost


"Adam" (1984)starring Daphne's Aurora and Rin Tin Tins Jerry The story of a young boy who was kidnapped


"Rin Tin Tin /- A Living Legacy" (2006) Starring Rin Tin Tins Oooh-Ahhh, Rin Tin Tins Monsoon and Rin Tin Tins Rin Tin Tin The history of the Linebred Descendants of Rin-Tin-Tin IV Lost


"Red Dawn" (1926) Starring Mira and Shadow owned by Jan Foreman


Condon said, "Although today there are a few movies that may have the appearance of a German Shepherd Dog they are surely not as frequent as it were years ago. More than half of the early Silents and the first Barkies are Lost and are probably never to be seen again. I feel lucky to have found the ones I have and been able to view them as many may never have that pleasure."

"The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" with Rin-Tin-Tin, IV and Rusty

"The Roy Rogers Show" with "Bullet" - "Corkey and White Shadow" with "Chinook"

"The Littlest Hobo" with "London" - "The Adventures of Champion" with "Rebel"

"The Bionic Woman" with "Maximillion" the Bionic German Shepherd Dog

"The Tonight Show" with "Leica" who appeared occasionally with his master Jack Parr

"Run Joe Run" with "Heinrich" as "Joe"

"Longstreet" with "Pax" who starred with James Franciscus

"Happy", "Smiley" and "Walter" that appeared on "The Jack La Lanne Show".